25 Tools That Help with Inventory Management for Small Business

Inventory Management for Small Business. Do you have a small business that you want to manage. And control in a better way? If you answered yes, do not ever worry. In this work, you will learn about 25 tools that will. Help you with inventory management for your small business. With these tools, you can. Manage your business from anywhere. This software gives an instant account of revenue, stock, and profit for. Inventory Management for Small Business. The prices are relatively affordable for businesses.

Inventory Management for Small Business


Firstly, JumpStock takes care of a business’s full inventory demands. However, it is quite expensive. JumpStock is competitively priced, costing $99 a month.


Secondly, the Lettuce inventory app is superb. It integrates systems like shipping, payment processing, tracking, customer relationship management, and more. Lettuce is affordable, starting from $59 a month.

Wasp Inventory Control

Thirdly, if your business has from 5 to 99 employees, Wasp Inventory Control is best for you. It has a user-friendly real-time approach to inventory management. The software has everything a small business will need for its inventory management, including a mobile device, printer, and supplies.

Also, their prices are relatively affordable too.


Fourthly, this is a point-of-sale and inventory management system. It has real-time tracking of sales and inventory. The software is quite expensive, starting at $249 a month.


Next, this is best for small e-commerce businesses. It can automate the time-consuming fulfilling orders and shipping process. It creates customizable packing slips.

Stitch Labs

With Stitch Labs, small businesses can manage inventory and order processing and sync availability across all sales channels and warehouses. The price starts at $499 a month. It is quite costly.

Clearly Inventory

Clearly, Inventory is best for “very small companies in mind.” It has very simple to use, ideal for firms that don’t want to. Invest too much time getting to know new software.


This software uses all the basic tools a small. Business will need to manage their inventory, customers, invoices, purchase orders, and suppliers. This all-in-one online inventory management software takes just. 15 seconds to get started and super easy to use. There is a free platform available on. SalesBinder, as well as a $19 per month Bronze package.


This multi-channel inventory management app is perfectly ideal for small to large businesses. With it, businesses can manage orders, inventory, purchase orders, shipping, and suppliers with ease and convenience. Pricing is competitive and varies depending on a business’s turnover.

Retail Inventory

This app is a comprehensive inventory management system with scanning barcodes. The price starts from $20 per month for the Basic package to $75 a month for the Premium package.


Infoplus is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses with an efficient inventory management system. It is perfect for businesses that operate in retail, electronics, consumer goods, food and beverages, and more.  It is quite expensive. Infoplus offers pricing plans for each stage of your business, starting from $379 a month.

SOS Inventory

This software is for small businesses that use QuickBooks. It integrates with QuickBooks to give additional features like sales orders. Businesses can also manage their inventory in multiple locations and track cost history. The SOS Inventory plans range from $25 – $200 per month. Both small and medium-sized businesses can use it.

Red Rock Warehouse Manager

This software is perfect for businesses operating retail distribution, manufacturing, and eCommerce fulfillment. It provides an efficient way to control inventory requirements. Users can integrate it with QuickBooks’ records. The Red Rock Warehouse Manager’s complete inventory visibility in the cloud is competitively priced for small businesses. If you run a small business, it may not be your best option.


With this software, small businesses can manage stock and sales. Automate shipping and create insightful inventory reports. Plans start from just. $79 a month, making it an affordable option for small businesses.


TRXio helps businesses of all sizes and industries in managing. Their inventory demands. It has a 14-day free trial. You can use this before. Committing to purchase the software.


Stockpile helps small businesses and at-home users save time and. Money on inventory tasks. It has a lot of useful features, like adding inventory, taking returns and recording sales and damaged goods.


This is the smartest shipping app in the world. It is a software app that. Gives businesses a cost-effective solution to goods. Inventory for shipping operations. The basic price of Ordoro starts from $25 a month.


InFlow Inventory gives a comprehensive. Online inventory management system. With this, users can get orders, reorder stock, manage products, and much more. Further, it has a free package, designed for users who. Have just started a small business. After using the free package. You won’t hesitate to pay for the next one.


Does your business use QuickBooks? Do you know that you can integrate QuickBooks records with ease into the AdvancePro system? AdvancePro gives different categories of high-performing inventory and warehouse management tools for small businesses ’ needs.  However, its pricing is competitive and dependent on the package.

Goldenseal Accounting

This is perfectly ideal and designed for small businesses. It gives a full suite of accounting and inventory management services. The software is best for construction firms and other businesses that bill for materials and time.  The software’s basic version starts at $495.

NCR Counterpoint

This is for small businesses operating in retail, wholesale or mail-order. It gives an intuitive solution to inventory management. Also, it provides automated purchase orders and a host of payment processing features. NCR’s inventory management is best for small businesses.

 Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory boasts of multi-channel selling. And powerful inventory control. It permits small businesses to manage orders and. Inventory with a lot of proficiency. The best aspect of it is that it is affordable for all sizes of. Businesses, ranging from $29 per month for a basic package to $249 per month for a. Professional package.


This software has an affordable and robust inventory management system. It is also flexible for small businesses and will grow as they grow. The system integrates with QuickBook’s with ease, syncing inventory, and accounting data. Businesses can see if Fishbowl is the right. Inventory management system for them with a 14-day free trial. The paid version is affordable too.


This system is a free stock control software solution for small businesses operating in retail, e-commerce, and service-based industries. It is simple and easy-to-use and permits small businesses to have greater control of their stock.

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